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Roy M. Nuzzo, M. D.

      Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery
      Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery
      Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics
      Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America
      Orthopedic Research Society

Recent Awards:

    Physician of the Year
    June 18, 2003
    Jointly by
    The New Jersey Pediatric Society and by the

    Children's Emergency Medical Fund of New Jersey

    Physician of the Year - Spirit of Life Award
    November 22, 2003
    Spina Bifida Tristate Association

    Christopher Reeves Humaintarian Award - 2005

    National Association of Poetry Therapy
    Humanitarian Award (a one time only award) 2005

    A Castle Connolly 'Top Doctor' multiple times incl. 2005-2006



     Rutgers University - B.A. -  1962-1966 (4yr)
       Pre-med Biology, Chemistry, Humanities
       Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society
       Phi Beta Kappa
       Summa Cum Laude

       Begin USN reserves (8yrs)

    Cornell University Medical College - M.D. - 1966-1970 (4yr)
      New York Hospital
      Hospital for Special Surgery
      Sloan Kettering Hospital
      North Shore Hospital
      Bellevue Hospital
      Payne Whitney Hospital
      Roosevelt Hospital

    Yale Medical School - Surgical Residency - 1970-1972 (2yr)
      Yale New Haven Hospital & Memorial
      Surgical Residency & Pediatrics
      West Haven V. A. Hospital - General, Vascular and Chest  Surgery

    Harvard Medical School - Combined Orthopaedic Residency - 1972-1975.5 (3.5yr)
      Massachusetts General Hospital -
         Hand Surgery
         Pediatric Orthopaedics
         Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery
         Tumor Surgery

      Peter Bent Brigham Hospital -
         Hand Surgery
         Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery
         Tumor Surgery

      Robert Breck Brigham Hospital
         Rheumatic Diseases
         Hand Reconstructive Surger

      Eunice Shriver Foundation Hospital (Fernold) -
         Childrens' Orthopaedics
          Metabolic & Genetic Diseases
           Birth Defects

      West Roxbury V.A.
         Spinal Trauma Center and Spinal Cord Injury Service
         & Research on Walking Disorders

      Brockton V.A. Hospital
         Orthopaedic problems associated with drug abuse
         & psychiatric illness

     Childrens Hospital Medical Center, Boston
           Childrens Orthopedics:
           Childrens Hand Surgery
           Birth Defects
           Spina Bifida
           Cerebral Palsy
           Muscle Diseases
           Osteogenesis Imperfecta
           Leg Length Inequality

      Research :
      Rehabilitation Engineering and Research Center (2yr)
      Harvard + Massachusetts Institute of Technology
       in associated with
      Childrens Hospital Medical Center and
      The Combined Harvard Orthopaedics Program, Boston-

      Motion Analysis of Walking Disorders
      in Childrens' Diseases

      Developed The Harvard / MIT
      Automated Computer Motion Analysis System

     Awards, Motion Analysis System :
      Harvard Orthopaedic,  `Best Research 1975'
      Named by NY Times as one of the ten best inventions of the decade.

 United States Naval Regional Medical Center Norfolk, Virginia 1975.5-1977.5 (2yr)
  Service Area
      South of Washington D.C.
      North of Puerto Rico
      From East coast and west to Mississippi
      Portions of Italy & Spain

      Military connected
      Public health facilities
       & aligned childrens hospitals
       & services
      Referral Center

      Director of Childrens' Orthopedics
      Organizer of Childrens' Orthopedics Residency
      Director of Spina Bifida Clinics
      Director of Muscular Dystrophy and Neuromuscular Clinics
      Director of Newborn Nursery Orthopedics (24/day)
      Director of Cerebral Palsy Clinics
      Director of Scoliosis Clinics

      Director of Clinics for
         Birth Defects
         Childrens Hand Surgery
         Scoliosis Clinic
         Leg Length Inequality
         General Childrens Orthopedics and Skeletal Trauma
         Combined clinics > 250 children/day

         Developed Low Cost Plastic Orthotic Facility
         Using Industrial Methods
            - presented to SOMOS
             (Society Of Military Orthopedic Surgeons)

        Organized & Conducted the first U.S. Government Study of
        arthroscopy  with a comparative study of arthrography

        Developed the military design for arthroscopic devices
        using fiber optics

       U.S. Government Line Military Commendation for
         Excellence &  Development of Services
         Signed by the Admiral of the Atlantic Fleet


 Children's Specialized Hospital - Chief of Orthopedics, 1978 - 1990

       Developer of:
         Video Based Motion Analysis System
         Gait Analysis & Research Laboratory
         Developed an In-house low cost orthotics department
         Childrens Complex Orthopedic Problems Clinics
         Scoliosis & Leg Length Inequality
         Paralytic and Muscular Diseases
         Supervisor of candidates
          (affiliated with NJIT, Rutgers)
         Bioengineering and  Computer Engineering
          Masters and PhD degree research
          (Projects based at CSH)


Staff Positions:  (since 1978)

     Overlook Hospital, Summit, New Jersey
     Children's Medical Center of  Overlook Hospital
     Medical Director  Pediatric  Orthopedic  Center
    for  multiple  handicaps
     Children's Neuromuscular Center - Atlantic Health Services
     NYU Medical Center
    , NYC, N.Y.&
     Hospital for Joint Diseases, NYC, N.Y.

     Director  Spina Bifida Clinic
     Member of Hemophilia Treatment Group

     Director Pediatric Orthopedics
     Pediatric Neuromuscular Disorders -
    Seton Hall University
     School of Graduate Medical Education
     Pediatric Orthopedics -
     St. Joseph's Hospital, Paterson, New Jersey

Private Practice:
      Prior : Westfield Orthopedic Group,  Westfield, New Jersey.
                 Family Orthopedics P.C., Summit, New Jersey
      Currently : Pediatric Orthopedics P.C.,   Summit, New Jersey

Community Involvements:
   Member: Task Force - Developmental Disabilities -
   Department of Developmental Disabilities, State of New Jersey
   Round Table & Advisory :
   Department of Consumer Affairs +
   New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners
     formulation of legal limitations on self referral practices
     corporate implications, patient effects, abuses

  Spina Bifida Association, N.J.
  Handicap Riders Association
  Union County Educational Services Foundation (Ret.)
  Academy of Medicine of New Jersey


Computer science:
 Statistical Analysis of Medication Effects
 on Cancer Chemotherapy Patients (Sloan Kettering 1966-68)

Multiple Computer Design and Modeling Projects Dealing with
Medical and Othopedic Problems (see specifics)

Sculptor - wood, stone, ceramic

Painter - oils and pencil

Medical Artist - collaboration and illustration of numerous
   medical articles, texts, & laboratory guides.

         American Academy of Orthopedics Teaching Slides on
         Anterior spinal Fusion and Instrumentation with
         John Hall, M.D.

         Scoliosis and Other Deformities of the Axial Skeleton -
          Medical textbook: Riseborough, Herndon.

         Laboratory Endocrinology:

         Multiple Articles and Slide Series for:
            Harris: Hip reconstructive surgical methods
            Pappas: Pelvic reconstruction for hip disease
                  in children
            Hall: Anterior reconstruction of the cervical spine
            Mankin: Allograft joint replacement for tumo


  •  The first  computer generated  drawings of  camera observed human walking
      The first 3D / 4D computer generated stick figures of human walking
  •  (Award winning project, computer analysis of high speed film
     captured human walking, normal and abnormal.  Numerical
     reconstruction and graphic representation as graphs and
     figures with 3D image manipulation. Developed  the core graphical computer
     methods for terminal user  display and manipulation of acquired data).).

     Harvard: Rehabilitation Engineering and Research Center.

     Aramid cross linking chemistry, polymer research. Employing
     capped epoxy radicals in plasma-vacuum field. + R.G. Nuzzo, PhD

     Other materials research related to plastics and
     metal adhesion and brace & cast related materials.

    ADAM splint
    (Adjustable Digital And Metacarpal splint)    A common splint system for treatment of severe
        and lesser hand, finger, and thumb injuries -

    CUSHION HEEL SHOE- for casts, from 3M company.
     Allows normal gait during cast wearing.

     WACH shoe.
     (Wedge Adjustable Cushion Heel shoe) for complex
     adaptation to more difficult injury cast situations.
     Allows conservative (nonsurgical) treatment of Achilles
     rupture without loss of function or work or sport time.

    Cross Hair digitizer for NTSC computer analysis.

     A modification of a computer inline crosshair system for
     simultaneous use with live and recorded video.

    Functional design of numerous (brands) of modular cast braces.

    Anterior Spinal Instrumentation:
    Diagonal cross hook fixation system
    (A biomechanically different way of aligning
    and fixating metal to the spine).

 ADVISORY EDITOR - Orthopedics Today -
 World wide monthly publication - retired


      Rutgers -
      Beta Beta Beta award
      Phi Beta Kappa
      Summa Cum Laude

      Harvard 1975 -
      Best Research, Analysis of Human Gait and Methodology

      United States Government United States Navy Line Military Commendation
      for excellence in developmen of childrens' services and
      teaching, by congressional study &
      Admiral of The Atlantic Fleet, 1978

      Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America -
     Pioneer Award
     3rd place - 1989
     Office based computer video gait analysis system
     A Compact Interactive Computer Video System

     New Jersey -
     From Thomas H. Kean,  Governor of New Jersey, 1986
     Commendation for pioneering work in Childrens' Orthopedics
     bringing praise to N.J.

      Special Olympics Committee Award -
      Behalf of Down's Syndrome Care & Research

      Project Children Award - for medical services

      International Computing Competition :

        Third placeA-B Cad
        computer programming applications contest,
        sponsored by "True BASIC Inc.", 1990
        An amorphous  Biologic 3D CAD System
        Independent of External Grid Reference
        (For structures lacking systemic points of reference
         based on cylindric rather than volumetric tracking)

        Again - Same contest 1993 -
        Winner - Intelligent Images  True 3D (stereoscopic)
         full color  animation in mobile windows
         with  instructional word wrap. Hypertext linked to
        objects within stereoscopic animated images

      Overlook Hospital
      House Staff Teaching Award 1978

      Overlook Hospital
       Applause Award
        for community service 1993
    Project Children (International) - 1987
      Commendation for work -

     Eunice Shriver Foundation -
     Commendation for work with Down Syndrome Children
     Special Olympics


    Counter current electrophoresis of human proteins
     Myoglobin research - numerous aspects, 1965 - 1968

     A Motion Analyser for Clinical Use
     Orthopaedic Research Society, New Orleans, Lousiana 1976
     A Comprehensive Clinical System for Four Dimensional
     Motion Analysis - Bulletin Hospital for Joint Diseases
     April 1977

    (techies note:, we were using a mouse and menu clicks in 1976,
    we just didn't do the "intellectual property" thing - that is take an obvious application of technology and patent it as IP)

     Genu Recurvatum in Spastic Cerebral Palsy
     Report on Findings by Gait Analysis
     Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 1978

     Low Cost Manufacture Of Lower Limb Plastic Orthoses
     Society of Military Orthopedic Surgeons 1977

     Dynamic Bracing: Elastics for Patients with Cerebral Palsy,
     Muscular Dystrophy and Myelodysplasia
     Clinical Orthopedic Related Research, May 1980

     Nerve Entrapment in Greenstick Fractures in Children
     Presentation, New York Academy of Science, December 1980

     Gas Gangrene- Presentation
     New York Academy of Science, December 1980

     Dry Ice Freezing as Prelude to Surgical Amputation
     Orthopedics, February 1982

     Ambulatory Periosteal Finger Traction With Brace
     for Severe Finger Injuries, Orthopedics Today, 1977

     High Performance with Below-Knee Cast Treatment
     Mechanics & Demonstration
     Orthopedics, June 1983

     High Performance with Below-Knee Cast Treatment
     Clinical Application & The Weak Link Hypothesis,
     Orthopedics, July 1983

     Practical & Clinically Viable Video based Gait Analysis
     Proceedings of the  11th Annual North East Bioengineering Conferance,
     March 1985

     A Simple Treatment of Genu Recurvatum in Ataxic & Athetoid Cerebral Palsy
     Orthopedics, September 1986

     Contralateral Compensation with Knee Impairmen
     Clinical Orthopedics & Related Research, October 1987

     A Computer Model of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

     + Causes of Fixation Error and Chondrolysis
     Orthopedics, January 1986

     A Computer Model of Proximal Cervical Instability in
     Down Syndrome, From X-ray Studies,
     Multispecialty Conference On Down Syndrome

     Wheeling: An Alternative Swing-Through Gait
     SOMA - Engineering for the Human Body,
     Volume 3, 1989

     Harmonic Analysis of Human Gait, How We Walk
     presented at several Bioengineering Conferences & at.
     New Jersey Institute of Technology, Biomedical Seminar
                  & again at
    Eastern Orthopedic Association - Meeting 1996 (below) as:
    An unlocking of the Fibonacci series and human form & function
    a mathematical model and explanation of compensatory mechanisms in
    human walking.
    Eastern Orthopedic Association (NJ, NY, Ct, +),

    & again at   Nevis, British West Indies, April 1996

     9-bar Foot Prosthetic Linkage
     to simulate stance knee function
    in friction lock A-K prostheses
    Biomech Presentations, several

     Elastic Simulation of Spasticity, EMG & Gait Analysis of a model of spasticity.
     Induction of spasticity-like behavior in normal volunteers & study of responses.

    Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthenings:
    Five Year Outcome Review

     & 20 year experience with an original procedure    (In English & French)
    Canadian Orthopedic Association &
    Canadian Orthopedic Research Society - Annual Meeting, June 3, 1997
     Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    Counterparalysis for Treatment of Paralytic Scoliosis With Botulinum Toxin

     A. J. Orthopedics,  March 1997
    & presented at
    American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery  Convention March 1997

    New Treatment Options for the Severely Handicapped
    Columbus Seminars with Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
     Children's Hospital Annual Conference,
     Dept. Mental Retardation & Dev. Disabilities
     June 10, 1997, Cincinnati Ohio

     A New Treatment for Unicameral Bone Cysts
     Employing Bone Gel Paste delivered Synthetic Calcitonin
     A Series - Presented to Eastern Orthopedic Association - 1997
     Series in continuation.

     Counter Paralysis for Treatment of Paralytic Scoliosis with Botulinum Toxin
     An Original Study
     Nuzzo, R.M.; Boucherit, T.; Walsh, S.; Massood, S.
     American Journal of Orthopedic Surgery, March 1997

     Above also presented within a larger series with independent  validation at the
     American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery, Convention, May 1997
     Botulinum Toxin Type A as Adjunctive Treatment in
     Spastic Neuromuscular Scoliosis  [ a Cooperative Outcomes Study ]
     Nuzzo, R.; Errico, T.; Walsh, S.; Boucherit, T.; Dryer, J.;
     Overlook Hospital, NYU Hosp, Hosp Joint Dis
     North American Spine Society, 13th Annual Meeting,
     San Francisco October 1998

    Spine - State of the Art Reviews
    Spinal Instrumentation
    - Ed: Thomas J. Errico, MD
       Chapter:    Rationale & Technique of Same Day
       Anterior Instrumentation & Posterior Instrumentation for
       Severe  Rigid  Pediatric Scoliotic Deformities

    Errico, Nuzzo, Dryer

    The Effect of Screw Orientation on the Stability of Anterior Instrumentation in Cyclic Lateral Bending, Rodriquez,-Olaverri,J;  Hasharoni, A.; DeWal, H; Nuzzo, R; Kummer, F;Errico, T : The Spine Journal , Sept 2005 ,  Vol 5, Issue 5 pp 554-557

Surgical Management of Spinal Deformities,
Errico, Lonner, Moulton;
pub: Saunders 2009

       Nuzzo, Errico, Chapter 10: Cerebral Palsy
      & Other Neuromuscular Disorders in Children


     Full color true bifocal 3D computer animation as pop up window, with
     text, within normal computer display for storage and recal
     of information  related to movement (gait, dance, etc.).
     Data grabbed by 3D video cameras. Finished project - incorporated
     into graphics based systems language libraries. Award winning
     computer project pioneering self programming images.

    Cost Analysis - Outcomes Studies
    of Orthopedic Interventions in Neurologically Impaired Patients, ongoing
    funded by the Summit Area Public Foundation

    Following :
     Phase I
     (Journal of Orthopedic Surgery, March, 1997) Counterparalysis
     in the treatment of Paralytic Scoliosis with Botulinum toxin  - a new treatment

     Phase II,
     animal trials with a new genetically engineered agent -
     goal Rx for Idiopathic scoliosis.

    Clinical Cross Development of  Real Time Video Imaging
    (capable of seeing moving internal structures, cartilage, tendon,
    and organs etc. without radiation) - Sonovideography
    Imperium Inc., Maryland, Technical Developer


LECTURER :   (past & present)

    Rutgers University - Anatomy
    Harvard University - Orthopaedics
    New York University Physical Therapy - Developmental Disabilities
    New York Hospital -  Pediatric Physical Therapy Dept
    University of Oregon - Walking Disorders
    Seton Hall Graduate Medical Education - Orthopedics +
    Saint Joseph's Hospital & Residency Orthopedics
    JFK Hospital - Dept. Physical Therapy
    New York School of Podiatry - Hip pathology of children

    Multiple Conferences and Seminars
    Keynote speaker for many  Spina Bifida Seminars and
    Developmental Disabilities seminars.
    (too numerous to list)

    Partial Listing:
    Orthopedic/Rehabilitative Issues in the Developmentally Disabled Individual - Ohio

    Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening Outcomes - Canada, West Indies

    Evaluation and Management of Children With Neuromuscular Disorders,
     Botox, Alcohol neurolysis, and orthopedic interventions and PT significance. NYU, NY

    Botox treatment of paralytic scoliosis - AAOS - San Francisco, California

    Orthoped Update & Rehab issues - Matheny - NJ

    Surgical & Rehab issues in cerebral Palsy - Dynamic Therapy Pediatric Symposium
     Meadowlands , N.J.

    Management of Children With Neuromuscular issues
    + percutaneous interventions,
     Cornell Med Ctr, NYC

    Selection of Candidates for Myofascial Procedures
    + percutaneous alternatives
    University Texas MB, Galveston

    Book Chapter:
    Surgical Management of Spinal Deformities - Errico et al -
    Chapt 10 - Nuzzo & Errico : Pearls



            (partial listing, not all currant)
    Fellow American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
    Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics
    Board Certified by American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons
    Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America
    Orthopaedic Research Society
    New Jersey Orthopaedic Society
    Trustee Union County Educational Foundation
    Appointed Member of the New Jersey Academy of Medicine


    Guitar,                             Music Composition,                  Drawing,  Painting

    Writing                                                                                   Poetics

    Sculpting,                       Photography,                              Computer Hacking