If ever you wish to never sleep again,
 witness a single case of tetanus

The author, with blinding flashbacks of treating this disease, witnessed a talk show conversation wherein a young empty headed starlet with the strong certainty that characterizes knowing nothing, espoused naturalism through the avoidance of vaccinations - including tetanus.

Talk about stupid!

Try this on, a child bent backward in unremitting muscle anarchy such that buttocks are pressed against the back of the head enfolded within rigid violently shaking thighs as vertebrae audibly break in sequence, one by one. That's tetanus. Don't worry about the mechanism. This one's preventable. Get the shots. Keep them up to date. Nastier than any tyrannosaurus, the organism that causes tetanus is everywhere. Rarity of this disease merely reflects the population's immunity status.

Clostridium tetani secretes toxins which block GABA (gamma amino butyrate) and glycine in the inhibitory neural circuits. There is also direct muscle damage. A botulism-type mix may also be seen with paralysis. About one week or less, a stiff grin or grimace (lock jaw) is associated with stiffening of the limbs when touched or moved. Effects may radiate out from the source wound.

Neonatal Tetanus is a major killer in underdeveloped countries where mothers do not have the immunity to pass to their babies. Tetanus organisms get into the umbilical cord. The grimace and poor nursing occur after about a week or more. Intense irritability and back arching occur. Death follows.