Basically we would like to have a complete history. It is just fine to copy  older pages  in summary of old events (such as a hospital discharge summary etc), and to build from there to the current state. Use something like:

    Born abruptio with complex complications - see attached. Of those problems the lungs remain as the only problematic area healthwise. The old murmur was followed and evaluated and is functional (year old cardiology note included).

Family medical oddities are very important. That includes known sensitivities to iodine, to anesthesias or untoward anesthetic events etc. Family members with severe motion sickness and those with severe post anesthetic fever also interest us.

I know we are "pods", but social history is important for kids with chronic illnesses. Just who will the after care require? Are they there? Helps to know what to have ready. Who needs to be educated?

Use full size paper, as munchkin papers cannot be included in the chart readily. If you are faxing, use large dark writing or full size print as fax copies can be impossible to read if the print is light or small.

In electronic transmittal, the patient's FULL NAME must be on every single page!!!!!! (Yes that includes FAX).