Wide Construct
 + Luque Fixation
(for more supple curves)




Sometimes spinal curves just "fall" - that is - suddenly rapidly progress. Even so, they may be flexible to bending side to side. If so, a technique which uses the less usual side reaching hooks and wide spacing cross connection can be used for excellent one step spinal correction.


The maturity of the patient (the age the youngster seems to be rather than the actual age) makes a big  difference. An older yet supple patient is the ideal for this method.

Because the patient is older, growth issues are less. Even though a supported upright x-ray shows 50 degrees of curvature, the bending films (bending sideways against the curve) reduced that by half.

The x-ray on the right shows hooks which reach out sideways to attach to the spine and thus lateralize the rods (away from mid line). That gives better correctional and rotational stability. A few well placed Luque wire loops do the job.