Idiopathic Scoliosis
Lumbar Kyphosis





Healthy young woman with shortened waist, forward displaced left rib cage, side shift and uneven shoulder line.


Notice,   aside from the obvious multiple levels of correction this way and that way,   that the impression of the upper image is aged and that of the image to the left is youthful.


Even with this striking correction, the right scapula (wing bone) is still more prominent. That is because the right ribs on which the scapula rests had also become secondarily misshapen.

It is possible, at a later time, to borrow a portion of the mid line incision and reshape those ribs. In this case, to do that at the time of the scoliosis surgery opens too many places at once. Most girls are happy with this outcome. A few fret this asymmetry and wish the rib-scapula contour remedied.