The Skull

The skull is where we live. Gotta say something about it.


 But not too much.

The skull is not technically part of orthopedics, but it is hard to omit.

These images are mapped.


Point at an area or structure and read its name in the browser bar (or the closest association).

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EthmoidSphenoid BoneOccipital Bone
Palatine BoneOccipital BoneSphenoid BoneMaxillaMaxillaJugular ForamenJugular ForamenCarotid CanalCarotid CanalForamen Magnum
Parietal BoneFrontal Bone
Optic CanalOptic CanalForamen OvaleForamen OvaleInternal Acoustic MeatusInternal Acoustic MeatusJugular ForamenJugular ForamenSuperior Orbital FissureSuperior Orbital FissureHypoglossal Canal Hypoglossal Canal Foramen SpinosumForamen SpinosumForamen Magnum


A movie

Skull shapes

Use the Quicktime© scrub bar to position the skull in the above mv4 movie.