Hips n Chairs


Hip Treatments

The various treatments for "bad" hips depend on just how bad and how they are bad. But remember, the best thing is prevention. See the section on hips under
topics for a more detailed discussion of hip growth structure. This section is slanted toward intervention.

Dr. Feldman's lecture is a broad discussion which considers hip problems (esp . in neuromuscular disease). The perspective of what to do for which circumstance is  given. Limitations we face are also discussed.

The Supero-Lateral Outcropping Bonegraft (S.L.O.B.) has gotten alternative names including the Summit Shelf (SS) and the B3 (Big Blob of Bone). If that were not controversial enough, it is plenty, we preview an even newer surgery to maybe replace VRO in paralytic syndromes. It's name is a temporary place holder referring to the axis of  fixation freedom - Cafe' Door - to which it is likened for more advanced readers. This last one is really peer level development communication.


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